This artwork used a combination of double exposure and duo tone, all done in Photoshop. I got distracted and indecisive with the numerous choices for color and whether to display the background. Somehow I always gravitate to purple. Maybe it’s my low-key favorite color and not orange.

The picture was taken with an iPhone 7 and a ring light. It was not the best quality of course. I use the neural network filter in Photoshop remove the artifacts from the skin. The image was cutout from the background using Photoshop Select => Subject.

The dimensions of the original photo is 8″ x10? and printed on card-stock paper at a printshop. I have no ink in my printer. The ink is sooo expensive. It literally costs more than I paid for the printer.

Trini is short for Trinidadian (Trinidad). Just in case you were wondering

I gotta admit, Photoshop removes limits from the imagination.  When in doubt, use Photoshop!

When you create you are sharing your purpose with the world.

Belushus Yuitza

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