This is my badass cat Shakespeare. He is a high maintenance fella.  He is always trying to get my attention when I am focussed. Little children are scared on him because of his size. People fall in love with him when they see him and try to be his friend. I tell people to ignore him and he will come to them, but they don’t listen. They always want to get his attention and he gets persnickety and hisses harmlessly.  Even after the hissing they still try to get his attention.

He prefers to be near to people who don’t like cats or who pay him no mind. Some of my friends says he behaves like a human. He had “beef” with one of them while she watched him while I was on vacation.  He was very naughty, and did some things that he doesn’t do  with me all because she refused to let him go on the fire escape.

In the picture he is sitting on the fire escape and looking in the kitchen window. He loves to pretend he is an outsider looking in. He does that with the neighbors.  He actually made friends with those neighbors. He would go by their windows and when he sees them he would talk to them in his cat language.  They talk back to him.

I tell you, I want to re-incarnate as cat with a loving owner. It’s life of present moments. He is the epitome of the Bible verse that talks about never worrying about tomorrow.  Just wish he would stop torturing his sister who is much smaller than he is.


Belushus Yuitza

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